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The Residents Section, founded in 1990, is a network for those in paediatric training. The section makes up nearly a quarter of CPS membership and represents 94% of all paediatric residents in Canada. It provides a forum for residents to develop ideas and discuss issues related to their training and education. The section is active in areas such as advocacy and professional development, particularly during the CPS Annual Conference.

The section has representation on the CPS Board of Directors and an executive committee made up of from each paediatric program in Canada.

Visit the CPS member centre to see a list of the Section Executive and Program Reps

Message from the Section President

Stephanie Hosang
Stephanie Hosang

Dear residents and medical students,

Welcome to the Canadian Paediatric Society’s Residents Section! My name is Stephanie Hosang, and I have the privilege of serving as President of the Residents Section for 2023-2024. I am currently a third-year resident at Western University and the Children’s Hospital in London, Ontario. I join with Dr. Meagan Roy (Vice President) and Katrina Darcel (Medical Student Liaison) in saying how excited we are to represent your interests over the next year. It has been a challenging time for paediatric trainees nationally, and we (along with the CPS) hope to support you as best we can. Together we will continue to work toward our overarching goal of promoting the best possible health and wellness for all children across Canada.

This year, our section has the following goals:

  1. To support advocacy efforts among paediatric trainees.

    Our section includes 17 distinct resident advocacy groups, each of which runs advocacy projects within their local communities. We will continue to support these groups, provide feedback and guidance, and encourage national collaboration in these projects. Aside from institution-specific resident advocacy projects, we will continue to lead child and youth advocacy efforts on a national scale. In 2021, we had a successful call to action to incorporate Diabetes@School into schools across the country. In 2022, we asked the government to improve Mental Health care for child and youth. This year, we will continue to use our large network of residents to help support CPS advocacy across the country.
  2. To promote the diverse field of paediatrics.

    We encourage diverse representation within the field of paediatrics and at CPS. This year, we will incorporate principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion into our promotion of CPS membership, panel discussions, resident-medical student mentorship program, and other trainee programming. Additionally, we will partner with the other CPS Sections to showcase the broad range of career opportunities within paediatrics.
  3. To advocate on your behalf to the CPS Board of Directors and to other national agencies.

    We will voice the paediatric trainee perspective during all meetings with the CPS Board of Directors, Paediatric Chairs of Canada, Royal College, and other national agencies. We will act as a liaison to these institutions and as an advocate for resident- and medical-student-specific concerns.

I look forward to working together with all of you. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or ideas. I would love to hear from you! Thank you for the work that you do for child and youth health.


Stephanie Hosang

[email protected]

Last updated: Jun 28, 2023