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Indigenous Child & Youth Health

The Canadian Paediatric Society advocates for policies and practices that address historic and systemic barriers to care and living conditions that have unfairly affected First Nations, Inuit and Métis children and youth in Canada.

Events and education for health professionals

Clinical guidance for health professionals

Curriculum for paediatric residents

The Canadian Paediatric Society and the National Collaborating Centre for Indigenous Health have produced a 4-part training program on Indigenous child and youth health, designed for paediatric residents and suitable for other health professionals. The curriculum, which should be delivered by physicians with experience providing care to Indigenous children and youth, covers:

  • Demographics, Data, and Federal Government Relations
  • Common Medical Conditions
  • History, Colonization and Social Determinants of Health
  • Providing Culturally Safe Care

In this webinar, principal author Dr. Kent Saylor presents an overview of the curriculum and how to use it.

Curriculum materials include slide decks, speaker notes, and reference handouts, and are available to Canadian Paediatric Society members at no cost. Visit the Member Centre to access the files. If you are not a member, considering joining the CPS.


References and resources for health care professionals

This section includes references for health care professionals who want to learn more about First Nations, Inuit and Métis culture, history and current socio-political contexts, as well as resources to help providers deliver the best care possible to Indigenous children, youth and families.

Our thanks to Dr. Véronique Pelletier and Dr. Émilie Beaulieu for gathering and vetting this list.

Jordan’s Principle and the Inuit Child First Initiative

Jordan's Principle is a child-first principle designed to ensure that First Nations children do not experience delays, disruptions or denials related to services ordinarily available to other children in Canada. The Inuit Child First Initiative is a similar, federally-funded program for Inuit children and youth. There is no comparable program for Métis children and youth. 

Last updated: Jun 5, 2024