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In addition to delivering care within their scope of practice, ACoRN Instructors help to implement ACoRN in their community/region by teaching courses and liaising between provincial/regional ACoRN Committees and learners. They integrate principles of adult education and use the Instructor team to reflect the multi-professional approach to neonatal stabilization.

Become an ACoRN Instructor

Renewing Instructor Status

Instructors are required to renew their status every three (3) years by:

  • Teaching at least three (3) ACoRN courses in a 3-year period (not including initial ‘co-teach’. Instructors will receive renewal notices.
  • Re-writing the ACoRN online exam within 3 months of the renewal date.
  • Complete an ACoRN Instructor course. Contact your provincial/regional ACoRN coordinator for courses in your area).
  • Renewing ACoRN Instructor registration with the CPS every 3 years ($135 plus tax for a 3-year period).

Teaching ACoRN Provider Courses

Last updated: Apr 12, 2024