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NRP Steering Committee

The NRP Steering Committee is a multidisciplinary group providing expertise, recommendations and initiatives on all NRP issues in Canada.


Emer Finan, MD (Co-chair)

Amuchou Soraisham, MD (Co-chair)

Deepak Manhas, MD

Lynn Newton, NNP

Jaclyn Zakresky, RN

Jennie Ingalls, RRT

Holden Sheffield, MD

Provincial NRP Organization Liaisons

British Columbia & Yukon

Alberta & Northwest Territories


Ontario & Nunavut

Hamilton and surrounding areas

Esther Huisman, MD

Ottawa & Kingston area

Lauren Rivard, RN

London and Southwestern Ontario

Kevin Coughlin, MD


West of Québec

Ahmed Moussa, MD

East of Québec

Geneviève Piuze, MD

Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island

Newfoundland & Labrador

Professional Organization Liaisons

Patrice Latka, Midiwife

Deb Trumbley, ACP

Kevin Coughlin, MD

Education Subcommittee

Lauren Rivard (Chair)

Emer Finan, MD

Deepak Manhas, MD

Danielle Hillman, RN

Jolene Willoughby, RN

Lynn Newton, RN

Jaclyn Zakresky, RN

Jennie Ingalls, RRT

Resuscitation Science Subcommittee

Amuchou Soraisham, MD (Chair)

Marilyn Hyndman, RRT

Patrice Latka, Midwife

Edith Massé, MD

Gustavo Pelligra, MD

Fabiana Postolow, MD

Holden Sheffield, MD

Last updated: Mar 27, 2024