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Wise practices for health professionals

Promoting resilience among Indigenous children and families

“The meaning of resilience from an indigenous perspective is varied and diverse, just like the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada.” (Kirmayer, L. et al., Rethinking Resilience from Indigenous Perspectives, Can J Psychiatry. 2011;56 (2):84-91.)

Despite the adversity that many Indigenous communities face, many are working to revitalize language, culture, spirituality and promote individual and collective healing. This section includes only a few of these efforts. You will no doubt find evidence of resilience in the Indigenous communities you work with.

Empowering caregivers and families

 “… Inuit Qautimajatuqangit – meaning a complete body of knowledge and experience passed from generation to generation – is a unique collection of contributions by well-known and respected Inuit Elders.“  

Empowering children and youth

Ethical research with Indigenous peoples in Canada

Last updated: Nov 20, 2023