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CPS commitment to antiracism: Listen, educate, advocate

Over the last several weeks, the Canadian Paediatric Society has been using its public platforms to amplify the voices of our members who are speaking out about racism. We are listening, and this is what we have heard:

  • Racism is a pervasive problem in Canada, and it is a child and youth health problem. Racism is harmful to children’s mental health and development.
  • Racism is a systemic problem. Even if we don’t always recognize it, it is embedded in our systems, policies, practices, and language. This includes the health care system.
  • Many of us are not comfortable talking about racism. But this is not a problem we can solve by being silent. We need to talk, and we need action.

 Many of you have been asking for the Canadian Paediatric Society’s “statement on racism”. We want our actions to speak. So we are committing to creating change in the spaces that we live, work, and interact:

  • Listen, reflect, and acknowledge: By deliberately making space for courageous conversations—for truth—we will learn. We must reflect on this learning, and use these insights to guide and refine our activities.
  • Educate: We will work to ensure that our organization and our members have the tools and resources needed to address racism in pediatric practice, in institutions, and in communities.
  • Advocate: We will work to identify and change policies that perpetuate racism.

This is a long-term commitment, and our activities will evolve and change as we move forward. Over the coming months we will share our progress. 

Last updated: Nov 16, 2020