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Don & Elizabeth Hillman International Child Health Grant

The Don & Elizabeth Hillman Global Child Health Grant was created by the Global Child & Youth Health Section to promote global health opportunities for residents and fellows.  The section has established four $750 grants that are awarded annually to use toward completing a paediatric elective in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

During the COVID-19 pandemic, travel to LMICs has become difficult.  Recognizing that many of the structural determinants that influence child and adolescent health in LMICs also manifest in communities across Canada, the Global Child & Youth Health Section is currently extending this opportunity to include projects focused on structural determinants of health or historically and structurally marginalized populations in Canada. Priority will be given to projects that incur costs to the resident (i.e. travel to and lodging in a different community) will be considered.

To share this experience with others, grant recipients are required to submit a brief written summary of their elective (1-2 pages) within one month of their return. The report will be published on the CPS website in the language of submission and may be included in a future CPS publication. 

Submission deadline: March 31 or October 31


Candidates will be assessed through a series of questions about the impact of the elective on their personal and professional futures. 

Candidates must:

  • Be registered as a resident or fellow in a Canadian paediatric postgraduate training program.
  • Be a member of the CPS Resident section. Applicants are encouraged to become members of the GCYH Section, but this is not mandatory.
  • Have support from a preceptor at the elective site (letter to be provided with submission).
  • Have support from the residency program director (letter to be provided with submission).
  • Have support from a preceptor who has experience in global health and is willing to provide support and guidance pre and post elective. Ideally this “support coach” is a current member of the GCYHS (visit the CPS Member Centre or a list of section members.) (letter to be provided with submission).
  • Have a formal evaluation from the supervising preceptor while the resident is participating in the elective.
  • Demonstrate appropriate preparation in advance of the elective as evidenced by a completed checklist of pre-travel arrangements.

The international elective must:

  • relate to child and youth health,
  • be at least four weeks in length,
  • relate to global health, in a manner that is addressing inequities faced by children and youth who are underserved in traditional healthcare settings, locally or internationally.
  • be a clinical or research elective.

Applications for courses or conferences will not be accepted.  Priority will be given to applicants who are not receiving funding or payment for their rotation in addition to their regular resident salary.

Unsuccessful applicants for Hillman support must submit a new proposal for reconsideration.

Past Hillman award recipients are not eligible to re-apply.


Applications must be submitted using the online application form and be received 2 months prior to travel and before the application deadline (March 31 or October 31).

Submissions should include:

  • Confirmation by the elective supervisor at the elective host site, confirming their contact information and availability at the site during the elective. The letter should also indicate approval with regards to you practicing as a trainee during the planned elective, including information on medical licensure or malpractice insurance requirements (if applicable). NOTE: If site approval document not provided, fully explain.
  • Letter from your program director indicating support for your upcoming elective, emergency contact information and contingency plan, and return elective debriefing plan.
  • Letter from a preceptor with experience in global health indicating their experience in global health, including their ability and willingness to provide you with advice before, during and after your experience.
  • Travel and health insurance documentation. The GCYH Section strongly advises you to obtain full travel insurance. Your Department and University may help you to determine if you will be adequately covered for the following: evacuation benefits, referral services outside of Canada, emergency medical reimbursement expenses and recommend vaccinations for travel. If you do not have any of the above in place, please explain.

Past recipients

Vesa Basha - Kosovo

Alicia Pollack - Kenya

Carolyn Akladious - Kenya

Andrea Bianca Marks - Philippines

Last updated: Oct 26, 2023

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