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Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Social Justice Trainee Award

Created by the Developmental Paediatrics and Social Paediatrics sections this award recognizes an insightful and engaging article written by a medical student, resident, or sub-specialty resident on the intersectionality between neurodevelopment and bias, discrimination, racism, and social inequity.

Suggested topics may include factors such as housing, geography, environmental sustainability, health care access, transportation, education, wealth, law, policy, colonialism, immigration, and justice involvement.

The article should question traditionally held beliefs such as sexism, racism, ableism and other social constructs that contribute to health inequities. The winning article will be considered for publication as a “The Critical Lens” article in Paediatrics and Child Health, the official academic publication of the Canadian Paediatric Society.

The Critical Lens is focused on enhancing advocacy. These articles reflect opinions of leading scholars about matters of paediatric care, education, research and policy. Critical Lens articles must be highly readable, compelling and appeal to readers of Paediatrics & Child Health, paediatric care providers and policy makers. The goal is to publish thought-provoking, timely viewpoints about significant issues in caring for Canadian children such as: access to care, provincial barriers to implementation of guidelines, public health, pollution issues threatening our small patients, and immigrant and refugee health care.

The award recipient(s) will receive a $1000 cash prize total that would be shared by the trainee(s). The winning article will be considered for publication in the Paediatrics and Child Health Journal.

Submission deadline: October 31


The trainee candidate(s) must:

  • Be a CPS member in good standing
  • Be enrolled in a Canadian undergraduate or post-graduate medical training program
  • Provide a letter of good standing from their current program director
  • Are encouraged to have a maximum 1 faculty mentor to support in the process of creating t he article. The faculty member may serve as a co-author if they meet the definition of a co-author as defined by the ICMJE.  For guidelines on authorship, please see
  • If a trainee does not know a faculty member that can serve as a mentor, the trainee is encouraged to contact the President of either the Section of Developmental Paediatrics or Social Paediatrcs for assistance.


Applications must be submitted using the online application form. Please include the following in the article.

  • Title
  • Trainee author
  • Mentor author(s)
  • Author affiliations (i.e. hospital affiliations)
  • Article length: 1000 words or fewer (excluding title and author affiliations)
  • 10- reference limit
  • Author limit: no more than 3 authors e.g.1 mentor and 2 trainees or 1 mentor and 1 trainee

Past recipients

Sarah Hustad

Why don’t they show up? Considering systemic barriers and intersectionality in paediatrics

Last updated: May 31, 2024

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